Grandchildren are such an excitement whether it’s the 1st or the 10th or maybe more. Our mother has what she calls a ‘Grannies’’ Boasting Book’ which fits nicely in her handbag ready for any opportunity to show pictures of her 8 grandchildren.

We often get calls from brand new grandparents who literally have just had the call – she’s arrived. We can send direct to the new parents with a gift tag or a card and the gift can get there usually before they can. It’s lovely being part of it and sharing their joy over the phone.

Blankets are a great gift, as a baby literally won’t grow out of it for a couple of years. It does not matter how many blankets they receive all will be used. Blankets are a fun yet practical gift plus it’s great to see your gift used time and time again

Small or New Babies.

Babies seem to need so much kit and often parents look like they are coming for a month when its just an over night stay! Visiting grandchildren especially if they are visiting from abroad can need a bit of thought. Now with the Internet, cheap flights and worldwide jobs families are scattered globally and so visiting grandparents can be a military maneuver. A few essentials that make the visiting parents' life easier:

  • Cot/cot bed, or travel cot,
  • Nap sacks,
  • Blanket
  • Lambskin
  • Muslin cloths
  • Sterilizer Calpol

Going that extra mile.... Check what size nappies they are needing and get those plus non perfumed wipes and some nappy bags so they don’t need to bring there own.

Our room scents can be a good idea too helping to calm babies and make them feel settled in the new environment. New parents are often tired so it's lovely to be able to offer a hand but let the parent lead whilst you support.

Any advice you can give needs to be given in a very open and soft way, Think of an advice sandwich. Praise how well they are coping - Offer Advise - Praise what a fantastic job they are doing.

Toddler Grandchildren.

The trick to toddlers is to - Be prepared!

Toddlers are noisy, they cry a lot, test boundaries and touch - EVERYTHING.

Key to this is if you have a valuable that you don't want touched - move it. Toddler proof your house.

Toddlers get up early so don't be alarmed if you here them well before the cock crows, Just brace yourself and be glad it’s a visit.

  • Cot beds, or a travel side to attach onto your beds are handy.
  • Duvets and water proof sheets are important to saving your mattresses.
  • Plastic or picnic plates,
  • Small cutlery and small plastic cups  
  • Wipe-able tablecloths make for easier meal times.

Not forgetting high chairs - IKEA do very simple but practical wipe clean high chairs that don't cost the earth and can happily live in the garage until the next visit.

Toddlers are great fun though - arts and crafts, a special toy box with an assortment of age appropriate toys, plenty of picture books and story books plus find the Cbbies channel on your telly for when you really cant cope any more.

Find out where you're nearest Play Park is and some short local walks.


This is a fun age and arts and crafts really come into their own, play dough, dressing up, simple jigsaws can be a great activity that encourages calm and chatting which can be great fun.

Early mornings are still the norm, so DVDs or children's channels on the telly.

Fun books both picture and story books, Single beds are fine now but keep the water proof mattress protectors on.

We will soon be launching our single bedding range and our larger cotton blankets are great for wrapping up first thing in the morning whist watching the telly or reading books.

Pre-Scholars can still be fussy eaters so ask what the likes and dies-likes are and all children like little treats every now and then so making biscuits or rice crispy cakes are a fun and rewarding activity.

But most of all enjoy your time you have with your grandchildren, they are not little for long!

What are your top tips for entertaining the grand children?

Let us know your thoughts below!