Past Due


For some, being pregnant is a total joy, from the moment they see that positive test, right up to the moment they finally meet their bundle of cuteness. For others the road is not so idyllic! Morning sickness, indigestion, constipation, pelvic pain and the list goes on. Regardless of the journey, going past your due date is no fun and the longer you go 'over due', the harder it gets as impatience and discomfort set in.

Only 4% of babies are actually born on their due date; they really should scrap the term, after all it's false advertising and creates unnecessary expectation and anxiety!

So here are a few tips on getting through going passed that made up date:

  1. Forget the date! A due date is just a vague estimate and not an exact deadline, help take the pressure off by framing it in your mind as a 'due month' instead.

  2. Expect to be overdue. Most first time mums do go overdue, so if you expect it, it may not grate as much!

  3. Follow up on some of the old wives tales and have some labour inducing FUN! Sex, curry and pineapple for pudding! not all bad hey?

  4. The perfect excuse for pamper days. Get your nails painted, eyebrows plucked, have a facial & massage, get hubby to shave those legs. Splash out on some me time and get all the things done that you won't find time for after little one arrives.

  5. Stock up the freezer. This may be a bit of a chore but so worth putting the time in and will keep you occupied. Being able to pull dinner out and just pop it in the oven will be a god send.

  6. Keep busy. Rest of course but read, lunch, shop, nest, bake, blog, get your nails & hair done, walk the dog. Try to plan at least one fun thing to do each day after your official due date so you have something fun to focus on.

  7. Amuse yourself with bump art... lipstick, bump + smart phone = passing the time!

  8. It is OK to turn your phone off. Well meaning friends and family can become a tad annoying with "any news?" "any movement yet? has the baby come? any news?" and delightfully unhelpful comments like "goodness haven't you had that baby yet?!" Just turn your phone off. Send a blanket text out saying you need to rest and will be in touch with the good news when baby is here. Tell a porky if you have lost your phone right? Put a status on Facebook and say you left it on the bus! Do what you have to do but if you start feeling pestered, definitely don't just grit your teeth and bare it.

If you really want to get things started, you can chat to your midwife about the option of a sweep, consider alternative methods like acupuncture, stimulate your nipples and take a good long walk (perhaps not all at the same time) but generally baby will come when it's ready. They put on roughly half a pound a week at the end of pregnancy so just think, it's extra time for some extra scrummy baby podge to squidge :)

Were you overdue? What did you do to distract yourself?

Give us your ideas below!